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Versioning plugin

Versioning plugin aims to provide users with ability to create a versioned documentation. Therefore, users of the documentation can view different versions of the documentation by going to the main page and change versions.

Versioning can be configured using:

  • version - a string value representing a version that should be displayed in the dropdown.
  • olderVersionsDir - an optional file that represents the parent directory containing folders with previous Dokka outputs.
  • olderVersions - an optional list of directories, each containing a previous Dokka output. Used after the contents of olderVersionsDir (if it's specified).
  • versionsOrdering - an optional list of strings representing the ordering of versions that should be visible. By default, Dokka will try to use semantic versioning to create such ordering.
  • renderVersionsNavigationOnAllPages - a bool value. By default, Dokka renders a versions navigation on all pages.


You should enable the plugin in all submodules to render a versions navigation on all pages.

Above configuration should be placed under the pluginsConfiguration block specific for your build tool. Configuration object is named org.jetbrains.dokka.versioning.VersioningConfiguration.

Directory structure required

If you pass previous versions using olderVersionsDir, a particular directory structure is required:

└── older_versions_dir
    └── 1.4.10
        ├── <dokka output>
    └── 1.4.20
        ├── <dokka output>

As can be seen on the diagram, olderVersionsDir should be a parent directory of previous output directories.

This can be avoided by manually specifying each past output directory with olderVersions, or they can be used together.

olderVersions directories need to contain a past Dokka output. For the above example, you would pass older_versions_dir/1.4.10, older_versions_dir/1.4.20.


The previously documentations should be generated with the versioning plugin.


Versioning plugin in gradle can be configured in 2 ways:

  • by manually adding the versioning plugin to classpath and using pluginsConfiguration

  • by using pluginsMapConfiguration and adding the configuration serialized as json under the org.jetbrains.dokka.versioning.VersioningPlugin key.

If you choose the first method the configuration may look like this:

buildscript {
  dependencies {


pluginConfiguration<org.jetbrains.dokka.versioning.VersioningPlugin, org.jetbrains.dokka.versioning.VersioningConfiguration> {
    version = "1.0"
    olderVersionsDir = projectDir.resolve("olderVersionsDir")

Alternatively, without adding plugin to classpath:

pluginsMapConfiguration.set(mapOf("org.jetbrains.dokka.versioning.VersioningPlugin" to """{ "version": "1.0" }"""))

Please consult the Gradle documentation for more information about configuring Dokka with this build tool.

Please see the Dokka Gradle versioning multi modules example project.