Utilities for Reactor.

Coroutine builders:

Name Result Scope Description
mono Mono CoroutineScope A cold Mono that starts the coroutine on subscription
flux Flux CoroutineScope A cold Flux that starts the coroutine on subscription

Note that Mono and Flux are subclasses of Reactive StreamsPublisher and extensions for it are covered by the kotlinx-coroutines-reactive module.

Integration with Flow:

Name Result Description
Flow.asFlux Flux Converts the given flow to a TCK-compliant Flux.

This adapter is integrated with Reactor’s Context and coroutines’ ReactorContext.

Conversion functions:

Name Description
Job.asMono Converts a job to a hot Mono
Deferred.asMono Converts a deferred value to a hot Mono
ReceiveChannel.asFlux Converts a streaming channel to a hot Flux
Scheduler.asCoroutineDispatcher Converts a scheduler to a CoroutineDispatcher



Utilities for Reactor.


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