@FlowPreview fun <T, R> Flow<T>.flowWith(
    flowContext: CoroutineContext,
    bufferSize: Int = BUFFERED,
    builder: Flow<T>.() -> Flow<R>
): Flow<R>

Deprecated: flowWith is deprecated without replacement, please refer to its KDoc for an explanation

The operator that changes the context where all transformations applied to the given flow within a builder are executed. This operator is context preserving and does not affect the context of the preceding and subsequent operations.


flow // not affected
    .map { ... } // Not affected
    .flowWith(Dispatchers.IO) {
        map { ... } // in IO
        .filter { ... } // in IO
    .map { ... } // Not affected

For more explanation of context preservation please refer to Flow documentation.

This operator is deprecated without replacement because it was discovered that it doesn’t play well with coroutines and flow semantics:

  1. It doesn’t prevent context elements from the downstream to leak into its body
     flowOf(1).flowWith(EmptyCoroutineContext) {
         onEach { println(kotlin.coroutines.coroutineContext[CoroutineName]) } // Will print 42


  1. To avoid such leaks, new primitive should be introduced to kotlinx.coroutines – the subtraction of contexts. And this will become a new concept to learn, maintain and explain.
  2. It defers the execution of declarative builder until the moment of collection similarly to Observable.defer. But it is unexpected because nothing in the name flowWith reflects this fact.
  3. It can be confused with flowOn operator, though flowWith is much rarer.