kotlinx.coroutines reference documentation

Library support for Kotlin coroutines. This reference is a companion to Guide to kotlinx.coroutines by example.


Name Description
kotlinx-coroutines-core Core primitives to work with coroutines
kotlinx-coroutines-io Byte I/O channels (unstable, work in progress)
kotlinx-coroutines-reactive Utilities for Reactive Streams
kotlinx-coroutines-reactor Utilities for Reactor
kotlinx-coroutines-rx1 Utilities for RxJava 1.x
kotlinx-coroutines-rx2 Utilities for RxJava 2.x
kotlinx-coroutines-android UI context for Android applications
kotlinx-coroutines-javafx JavaFx context for JavaFX UI applications
kotlinx-coroutines-swing Swing context for Swing UI applications
kotlinx-coroutines-jdk8 Integration with JDK8 CompletableFuture (Android API level 24)
kotlinx-coroutines-nio Integration with asynchronous IO on JDK7+ (Android O Preview)
kotlinx-coroutines-guava Integration with Guava ListenableFuture
kotlinx-coroutines-quasar Integration with Quasar